Blessing In Disguise

Last night was a disaster (least I thought) since the internet isn’t working well. It put me to bed way too soon than my usual time of hitting the sack. I lost track and completely forgot about the connection as I slept like a baby. It’s the kind of sleep that I haven’t had in a long time. I knew because I woke up very early on a Saturday morning which I also haven’t done since like forever (if there’s no plan of going out). I usually got up on weekends almost in an hour when lunch is normally served.

But today is completely different. I am able to step outside the balcony on my pajamas. I am able to breathe the freshly morning dew just right before the sunrise. I let the cold weather embrace my whole being leaving chills to my skin. Most of all I basked into quietness and tranquility when everyone’s still all but stucked underneath the comfort of their covers.

Turned out the night before isn’t a catastrophe at all. It was a blessing in disguise to recognize that not everything is in the internet. To never forget the simplest of joys brought by the nature. That taking a break from cyberspace is actually living for real.


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