He is mad. He is confused.
Hatred is in all his every nerve.
He demands answers.
He is picking up a fight.

She is accused.
She felt aggravated.
But won’t let it to breaking point.
So she chose to kept quiet.

Talk. He persists.
Letting everything out.
Determined and not giving up.
No chance she can turn away.

Compelled. She accommodated.
She begun to storytell.
Carefully. In full honesty.
Not to leave any crucial detail.

Lulled for a moment.
Hearing out each other.
Both with total empathy.
Relinquishing ire and choler.

Shortly they patch up.
Resolved to forgive and forget.
Volitionally bridging the gap.
Another storm together they survived.

Relationship isn’t always chill.
We know sometimes it is down-at-heel.
For us who stick around no matter.
We just favor to love better.

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.


To The Person Who Taught Me

To the person who taught me..

That it is okay to bow down if it’s meant cherishing more the relationship

That keeping promises is possible even in each other’s absence

That collecting memories together is a must to relive for some occassions of being apart

That expressing your true feelings is not a weakness instead an advantage

That what you deserve isn’t always to fight for, it is rather what you believe sometimes

That you may not have everything, still with little things that you have, be grateful

That there ain’t just second chances, there are third fourth and more

That not only what you dreamed of, even those far from what you imagine, can happen

That crying or breaking down when tired isn’t always giving up

That there is still a finer and stronger inner self than you thought you ever was

That planning for the future is good but to live each day, each moment is more precious

That too much love won’t actually kill you, it nurtures your whole being in lieu

With or without me by your side, in however circumstances, may you’ll be reminded of all these too each and everyday like how you do to me. Happy birthday, love.

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.

Dearly Missing You

Routines at home, at work, et al

Attempting each day back to normal

It was though arduously heartrending

As if consistently at every point hurting

Waking up without you as my first sight

Not like how my usual morning habit was

Eating breakfast made out of love at dawn

Then later drive around with the radio on

In search of good food or a beer to toast

Unmindful of how much time together we lost

And to cap the night off with a gentle kiss

With eyes shut feeling the comfort and bliss

Through your arms and warmth of bosom

Sound asleep as we are each other’s home

Now what else could be more horrendous

Than 280 days being apart more or less

Being forgotten is even worse

If not a wicked awful curse

So as not to be carried away by grief

The only thing left to do is believe

Before long when it is all over

Me and you will again be together

Oh what in the world have I been thinking

Guess I just dearly missing you so darling

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.


All these and more
Are somehow limitless
When love is there
And it is true

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.

Please Don’t Bother

If you’re going to fib
Attraction towards her
If you can’t narrate
Chronicles without lie
If you’re speaking
Merely to defeat boredom
If you don’t consent
Shortcomings and lack of success
If you’re blind to see
Value despite deficiency
If you believe
You’re always right
If you are too proud
Admitting faults
If taking care of her
Is an encumbrance
If you’d rather complain
Than settle and compromise
If you opt to notice
Jealousy over love
If you can go on still
While she shed tears
If you can’t keep up
And she’s too much
Please don’t bother
You don’t deserve her

You Are Not Enough

You can never force anyone to do
Something they are uncomfortable with
Yet you cannot lower your standards
You don’t want to settle
Lesser than what you deserve
And all that is left to do
Is see them walk away from you
You wanted to stop them
You could have utter aloud
What they long to hear
That you are sorry
Or that you will make it up to them
That it is okay to break your own rules
That they are worth it
But you doubted yourself
You are not enough
Someone better out there is waiting for them
So then you chose to whisper instead
That only you can hear those words
Hoping for life of a fortune unfolds for them
And now that the odds are gone with them
You are all but alone
Submerged with your own tears
And an overpowering pride

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.

Loosen up, Let Live

The world has gone mad
And it has taken its toll
Seeking for answers
As to why and how should we
Still live and breathe

They are moving in so fast
Not able to contain them all
And then we are trapped
And detained and doomed
To the verge of agony and pain

Drowning from implicit tears
Suffocating beyond this silence
Overpowering heart’s pounding
None is clear but darkness
Ascertain to mislead the soul

Perceiving the light behind
For the desire of hope to unfold
Could it be any better?
Free from the depths of despair?
Mending this broken way of life

Blackness doesn’t delineate
The entirety of each day
There ain’t gonna be a time
That the sun won’t ever shine
Heads up the future is yet to deal

This might be a result of me engrossing myself into a suspense thriller American TV series. I have been watching it over the past few weekends that I’m not able to write for some time now. I know it is not good and I hated myself for it. But here’s the real thing, it is during the darkest hour of our lives that we tend to forego. When that happens find every single reason to continue the journey and move forward. Don’t let fear and overthinking spoil the fun. Loosen up, let live.