Do you ofttimes cerebrate? Does your mind frequently wanders from a certain situation to another and another until it lead you to somewhat unuseful thoughts? And then you begin fantasizing what could possibly happen next? Finishing off to the least favorable outcome? All of a sudden things became so imperceptible. We are on the same boat. Perhaps many others are too.

Though it is not strictly destructive, say thinking big somehow teaches us to assess occurences beforehand in a more logical manner >>least this is where I desire to go for. I believe in most cases it is, especially as to being in a relationship.

Social media is one great deal of a factor nowadays. Wherein we found couples defying the norms and sweeping up the odds. Please don’t get me wrong. They’re cute and totally inspiring. But do we really need to adopt them as standards of society with regards to personal relationships? And when our partners don’t comply we begin doubting them. Feeling so less important and dissatisfaction slowly taking hold of everything. Cross questioning how committed truly (madly deeply) are they with us? In which we get so sceptical. Stimulating our minds to overthink. Forgetting that they are not the ones we idolized on someone else’s social media posts. So why forget their own unique means of showing devotion to us? Worst accused the other person of cheating on us? Speculative of all their actions (be it in social media or not) even the slightest ones. Instantly turning it into a bona fide dilemma.

Later on we demand for assurance. Some of us get so lucky that their “better halfs” happily obliged while others don’t that they decided to rather let go and called it quits. Yet what do we do to ward this off before it gets into our heads first? I do not know honestly.

I for instance made myself unfriend my boyfriend on facebook. But of course He didn’t even notice until I told him so. He asked me to take it back yet I firmly said no. I cannot acknowledge this as a well-thought-out decision for sure considering that we are on a long distance relationship (for now). However barely noticing what he posts or likes and only knowing what he says or do first hand from our personal conversation is quite one to accomplish overthinking. It is both hard and fulfilling at the same time as it helped us build trust towards each other more. So far we are doing just fine and I am hopeful (yes “I” because he, stubborn like a child, still insists that I should accept his friend request once again) that it is better for us this way. We are indeed not the ideal duo but we are simply “us”. We are original.

As much as we admire other match-made-from-heaven pairs declaring affection, imagine establishing yours with every terms of your own. Work up with your mate and indite an incomparable tale that belongs to no one but you.

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.



He is mad. He is confused.
Hatred is in all his every nerve.
He demands answers.
He is picking up a fight.

She is accused.
She felt aggravated.
But won’t let it to breaking point.
So she chose to kept quiet.

Talk. He persists.
Letting everything out.
Determined and not giving up.
No chance she can turn away.

Compelled. She accommodated.
She begun to storytell.
Carefully. In full honesty.
Not to leave any crucial detail.

Lulled for a moment.
Hearing out each other.
Both with total empathy.
Relinquishing ire and choler.

Shortly they patch up.
Resolved to forgive and forget.
Volitionally bridging the gap.
Another storm together they survived.

Relationship isn’t always chill.
We know sometimes it is down-at-heel.
For us who stick around no matter.
We just favor to love better.

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.

To The Person Who Taught Me

To the person who taught me..

That it is okay to bow down if it’s meant cherishing more the relationship

That keeping promises is possible even in each other’s absence

That collecting memories together is a must to relive for some occassions of being apart

That expressing your true feelings is not a weakness instead an advantage

That what you deserve isn’t always to fight for, it is rather what you believe sometimes

That you may not have everything, still with little things that you have, be grateful

That there ain’t just second chances, there are third fourth and more

That not only what you dreamed of, even those far from what you imagine, can happen

That crying or breaking down when tired isn’t always giving up

That there is still a finer and stronger inner self than you thought you ever was

That planning for the future is good but to live each day, each moment is more precious

That too much love won’t actually kill you, it nurtures your whole being in lieu

With or without me by your side, in however circumstances, may you’ll be reminded of all these too each and everyday like how you do to me. Happy birthday, love.

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.

Peace Amidst Chaos

It was our first solo travel as a couple. We were dying in anticipation when rain was pouring heavy and wind was blowing strong the day before our planned trip. We had to try other options like originally Puerto Galera then Baguio, Batangas, Vigan and so on. We even delay it for two days hoping for a better weather condition. Once confirmed that it can’t be any finer, we still had to push through as I, myself, wouldn’t wish for my vacation leaves to be put to waste. Besides we’ve been waiting for this long enough that we can’t afford not to carry on. Thus resolving to Subic instead.

Us exploring resort’s area on our first day.

After searching for nice beach hotels in the area, I chose (yes I get to choose, if not always most of the time) the one that looks clean, comfy and with relaxing ambience perfectly suited for the very intense atmosphere due to typhoon.

Third floor where our room and the pool is located. Big waves down behind us.

It took us around three hours of bus ride in which we were mostly asleep before getting to the resort. Because we arrived ahead of standard check in time of most hotels we shared bottles of beer, two each, first in their homey in-house restaurant to wash our vexation off the worsening weather. About checking in, thrilled as we were, true to their website the room was spacious and the bathroom too. It was minimalist inspired. Toiletries were provided along with set of towels and robes. The room has a minibar too where drinks are readily available. They were quite pricy by the way. It was too cosy that we couldn’t resist resting a bit.

Corner spot he found.

In search of a place he used to visit few years back, late afternoon until nightfall we were downtown subic. In there, we had our petty little fights. We realized how different we are and how we argue on the smallest thing ever possible just because have opposite thoughts on the matter. We annoyed each other too much that we went back to our accommodation silent. It was an earsplitting silence. After awhile he walked out of the room and then went back. Three times repeatedly without a word. I kept quiet too. Until he hugged me closed to him while saying his sorry. Avowedly accepting fault wasn’t neither of us I hugged him back. We came to terms and finally conciliated. He pulled me up and lead me to a small, private and beach-overlooking spot. We watched the procellous waves below and looked at the dim clouds above. Finding peace amidst chaos hand in hand with someone you love, it was all about that. Nothing else counts.

Basking the pool’s view which was just few steps away from our room.

Other days are not anything contrary. There were conflicts but we patch up and still stick to each other. The best part of the trip was being aware of each other’s likes and dislikes and knowing how to compromise.

Let the pool be an option while beach isn’t very complaisant.
My love.

We would have surely savoured the place and the moment itself if we have witnessed the sea in a more serene and tranquil state rather than those of raging big undulations brought by the storm. I personally hope for us to come back. Maybe then everything is synchronize, the people, the place and the weather condition.

Passenger’s Seat

My love RA,

More often than not we would go on petty fights over the smallest possible matter(s). But then again (over and over) we would patch things all up like none of them had ever happened. I don’t know if it’s still normal or not (anymore). We struggle. You’re easily losing temper whenever affairs don’t occur in your favor or on how you imagined and planned it would be. But I know how much you’re trying. I want to ask you to be more patient and calm into dealing with it.

Disappointments and dissatisfactions are natural. Like it or not, they are facts of life. In so many times i would go short and fail you (just as much as I would try not to still I would), so as early as now I ask for your forgiveness.

As you know, we are far two different persons (though I would like to destress on that!). We are not alike yes, yet our hearts are enchained with love and respect. I can sense. We are greater than all the battles that we are or we may be facing. Together we will fought for breath and win them all.

One day, if both faith and fate permits, we are one in heart and soul. By this time, I wish we won’t ran out of road trips and crazy rides together. Like that on a stop light, I would literally stare at you then you would ask me “why”. Sometimes it’s the other way around and you’d answer witlessly. On a more serious note, I loved it when out of nowhere you’d just spill and declare your love for me. Thank you for being always so sweet. Those were just few of our best memories. I do hope and pray that you still want me on that passenger’s seat someday like you do today. I love you beyond measure.

Forever yours,


All these and more
Are somehow limitless
When love is there
And it is true

Disclaimer: Image used is for illustration purposes only. Not in any way originally from the author. Artwork by @3896days.

Rise Up

When you are confused of something, they often say “go for whatever makes you happy”. But what if your happiness doesn’t want anything to do with you at all? Let go.

How long has it been? Days, weeks or months? Just another one of your relationship setbacks you thought? Exculpation maybe? How much more time you needed to wake up? Stop defending your place, who you are or who should you be for that person. Why fight for it afterall, if that person is the one asking you to discontinue and quit? Struggling shouldn’t be on your own, should be both of you. If not, letting go might be the only option. Not because you want to but because that’s what the other person is asking from you. Even if it’s killing you inside. Be the one who has a greater heart. Give until you can’t afford anymore. And when you’re on the edge, stop holding on to something you’ve already lost.

Liberate yourself and don’t wait. Don’t ever wait, don’t depend your decisions to anyone because no one is asking you to do so. Never dwell on your past. Do what you need to. Cry non-stop. Curse. Scream. Hard days won’t be that long. Soon afterwards, pick up the pieces and then move on. Run free. Rise up.

It won’t be easy-peasy. Roads maybe rough and tough. Yet consider that you’ll make it through. A day in your life will come when you are going to blank out, perhaps not everything but most of it. Taking your time, slowly getting there. Later on, finer days are right up ahead of you. Don’t be shaken. Braved out the factors and things will be put into its proper places.

And why is it so much easier to say all these but harder to work out?